Debbee Werner
Jewellery Designer/Silversmith
Rodney Werner
About CherryBee Boutique
CherryBee Boutique was founded in the Spring of 2012 - inspired by the Spirit of the Season to create something new, and the desire for a new outlet for my jewellery.

I have been making jewellery for over 20 years.  Here's my story ...

My beloved - the best hubby I could have ever wished for!
I make by hand each link, clasp, headpin, earwire, etc.  I use North American Sterling Silver round wire, in different gauges.
Forming/shaping the link from round Sterling Silver wire.
Cutting the wire.
Filing the ends to make flush for soldering.
Covering the piece with flux for soldering.
Placing piece of silver solder.
Applying heat with torch.
Into the pickle pot to remove oxides.  I use an environmentally-friendly solution of vinegar and salt only.
After more shaping with pliers, links are hammered to create an effective finish.  Finished pieces are polished in a tumbler overnight.
After pieces have been polished, they are assembled.  (Multiple links, as for necklaces, are already chained together during the soldering process.)
Debbee's Silver-Smithing Process
The process is outlined in the photos.  Click on image for enlarged view and description.
In 1995, after careers in both the music and publishing industries, I quit my job in Australia, sold all my possessions, and travelled to British Columbia.  It was a magickal time in the Pacific North-West, during which I started beading and collecting glass beads.  I eventually ended up in Cherryville, in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, and never left.

I continued beading and came up with my first original design of an anklet with bells. I sold literally thousands of these as a regular farmers’ markets vendor, enjoying providing them in every colour & size.

In 2004, I took a silver-smithing course, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I immediately invested in tools and supplies.  Whilst I did set some stones for silver pendants, etc., I found the most joy in simple soldering - giving me the ability to make specific clasps and findings for my beaded jewellery, as well as the skills needed for my line of silver designs in necklaces, bracelets and earrings - featuring the world’s most universal symbol, the simple circle, and also the diamond/square.

In 2007, after 10 years of running the local arts festival and founding & managing the Cherryville Artisans' Shop, I became a full-time homemaker & gardener, and stay-at-home mum for our daughter.

I operate my businesses from home, making & selling jewellery; and publishing the Cherryville website and community paper, The Cherryvillan.

We live on a small farm in the foothills of the Monashee Mountains, and live as self-sufficiently as we can. Everything I make I truly do with love, as a way of showing gratitude for, and sharing, all the love I have found in my life.
Around this time, I changed the spelling of my name to “Debbee" and created my "bee" logo.  I am very lucky that the inspiration came to me on waking from a dream; as do many of my designs, much to my gratitude and joy!  My logo has been made into a jeweller's mark and appears on a tag on all of my pieces (except earrings).
Amanda (right) with Leo & Buddy, promoting CherryBee Boutique at Cherryville Days.